Delta Polar Bars

A New Order Flow Bars

( Sold separately as well as Free with Volume Ladder )

     Jim was curious about Bartist's new development - "Delta Polar Bars".

He has some idea, but not sure if they work as normal bars or need to use only with edevaay's volume ladder indicator. He also wanted to know how they work and differ from similar named delta bars. Bartist explained, though these are basically new Order Flow Bars type but will work normal as other bars and no need of any structural base. They are far different in logic from delta bars which depends on buys and sells. Delta Polar Bars construct from polarity between delta and volume of bars. 

Delta polar bars, have fine ability to distinguish balance and imbalance occurring during development of bars. Low volume spurt and fast moves are clearly visible originating from high balance zone. Delta polar bars often encapsulate range development at critical points which turns as reversal zones. They also produce some intra bar delta patterns which helps detecting reversal/trend-continuation more promptly.

[Delta Polar Bars are free for all Volume Ladder Buyers]

Ver., ( 15/12/2018 ) : 

   Initial Build.

Ver., ( 21/01/2020 ) : 

   Miner Bug Fixed.


Ver., (15/09/2020) :  

   Custom Trading Hour bug fixed.

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