Volume Ladder

Volume Ladder new version (Ver : , Dt.  30-01-2019) is aimed for better performance with improved delta engine logic that tries to reduce display calculation  and adds more new Order Flow display statistics like maximum/minimum delta, commitment of trader ( COT) , buy/sell imbalance display etc. 

New version facilitates various standard plots for most bar level statistics. All these plots can be used in other NinjaScript code, in NinjaTrader native Alert module and in third party tools like Bloodhound indicators. Apart from this, new version can be transformed in simple plot oriented indicator with proper settings according to plot display. Like below chart display PeakVolumePrice plot and Cumulative Delta plot.

And more amazing display like classic delta candles using 3 plots.

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  Ver., (30/09/2017) :

Improved over initial Build.

  Ver., (30/01/2019) :

  • Optimized core delta engine.
  • Improved performance.
  • COT values added in stats.
  • Max/Min delta added in stats.
  • Separate colors/fonts for stats.
  • Option to show/hide ladders in core.
  • Following standard native plots added:

  • Price Of Peak Volume
  • Price Of Peak Delta
  • Price Of Peak Bid
  • Price Of Peak Ask
  • Value Of Peak Volume
  • Value Of Peak Delta
  • Value Of Peak Bid
  • Value Of Peak Ask
  • Bar's Maximum Delta
  • Bar's Minimum Delta
  • Bar's Delta
  • Bar's High COT
  • Bar's Low COT
  • Cumulative Delta

  • Imbalance Visuals Added.
  • Added Peak Rectangle in addition to bold font display.
  • Added separate strokes for candles.
  • Minimized display calculation for better performance.

  Ver., (03/03/2019) :

  • Simplified Footprint Modes to only two modes - UpDownTick and BidAsk.
  • Removed RStackAskBid, LStackBidAsk and LStackVolumeDelta back profile type.
  • Number display spacing improved.
  • Simplified Smart Spacing and unlocked right side margin for independent input value.
  • Added setting to show/hide minus ( -) sign from negative values.
  • Added Contract Reversal in top stats.
  • Added CR Threshold value.
  • Added Top and Bottom stat display type.
  • Added independent strokes for peak rectangles for negative and positive delta peaks.
  • Side ladders holds for next build.

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